Spinne, 2012, Grafit auf Duni-Tischdecke, 120 x 300 cm

Christiane Gerlach
(Dawn) New works
Drawings, Sculptures, Photographs

Opening: Friday, 20.September 2013 from 7 p.m.
Running until 25.10.2013

«Dawn – the time between night and day.
Before the world takes colour.
Under my chair in the garden lies the prey of the night.
Love gift of a wild animal.
Sparrows, moles, frogs
Unharmed – not to satisfy hunger .
Photographically I get close to this morning horror,
overcome it with a pioneering glance to shrink from death»

Christiane Gerlach, 2013

With a thick grafit pencil on the soft paper table cloth Christiane Gerlach impresses the forms of the oversized victims onto the drawing material. She submits rambling plants around the dead bodies, embedding them in natural sourroundings which are slowly overgrowing, not so in nature.

The drawing will be unrolled from the hangig device until the animal has found its frame. If the drawing is completed it will be rolled up from the floor. The beginning of the next drawing emerges. Out of the sourrounding of the deathbed heads of flowers, white in the neutral colour of the plaster, jump into the space, like graveyard decoration the sculptures assemble on the floor.

A further body of work is addressing dead insects which fell from the sky in the studio having died of natural causes. The lie like dead black dots on the floor or tables. Normally they will be disposed of with the vaccum cleaner or blown away.
Gerlach places them on a black shiny surface and circles them with a camera. Deathdance. These forms will be shown isolated accompanied only by their Doppelgaenger – the shadow.

The formats lie between a lengths of one to three metres with a constant width of 120 cm of the paper roll. The drawings will be presented in the form of biological charts although they present the opposite of an orderly survey.

Christiane Gerlach Christiane Gerlach is working concentrated for a number of years on themes that interlock with each other. In her work the artist deals with the question of concreteness. Last but not least, because of the process of casting in her production a constructive link of out and inside forms are being addressed. Her working materials are amongst others plaster and cement, bronze and styropor. This her 8. solo show in Osterwalders Art Office. She is also using increasingly drawing, film, photograpy and painting to create her stories. Born in 1958 she has studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg with K. P. Brehmer amongst others. She lives and works in Hamburg and will be present at the opening.

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